Dubai – UAE

Rise of the Indian cinema and the passionate fan following

Regardless of which part of the world you are from, you must have seen an Indian movie at some point in time. So much so that you may have become a fan of these movies. The notion that Bollywood cinemas in Dubai are almost always busy and there are boards printed “Houseful” over them is often found outside these cinemas. The simple reason for that is the passion of the movies and star following is at an all-time high. You will likely notice that in the crowd in Dubai as well as in other countries. The fact that Bollywood is a uniting factor among in the Indians has been noted more now than ever. Not only that, but the theme of Bollywood movies seems to be inclining towards attracting a global audience, which is why there is more content that attracts foreign viewers in these movies.

News that sells

Visit the market and you will notice just how many people buy the newspapers just to read about their favorite celebrities. Every newspaper hawker will tell you that people come to buy the paper not to read current affairs or global politics, but simply to read about their favorite stars and upcoming movies that are to be released in the UAE. A similar situation is seen in other parts of the world, where Bollywood fans are itching to see every upcoming movie. The fan base is indeed increasing and it seems that more cinemas may be needed to accommodate movie lovers in the country. Though the government is doing all it can to accommodate more cinemas, some of these may be opened in the near future. The number of cinemas in Dubai is already insufficient, as more Bollywood movie fans are willing to attend the first show and these cinemas go houseful during each show.

The popular South

It is a little different from Hindi movies, but it attracts almost as much crowd as the latter. In some cases, you will find overseas fans of these movies too. Stars are deeply loved and respected, and the inevitable popularity of these movies among Subcontinent people especially is the reason why these are dubbed in Hindi from Tamil, Telugu and other South Indian languages. Every now and then, south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi are released and each of these releases makes it possible for fans to watch and understand the storyline of the movie.